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World’s 15 Most Dramatic Sea Cliffs

15. Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia

One of the most astonishing set of sea cliff formations to be seen is the famous Twelve Apostles located in Victoria. The cliffs are located on the coastline of Port Campbell National Park and are made of limestone. Such is the location of these rocks that these are visited by hoards of tourists all round the year. All these rocks are situated close to one another and it makes for a very lovely view.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia

Image credit: trip2blog

How did you all enjoy reading this post that listed the top 15 most dramatic sea cliffs in the world? Well, I am hopeful that you would have already planned your next vacation to any one of these lovely places. Sea cliffs are not your usual type of holiday destination but offer much more. Along with panoramic view of the ocean, you can also witness flora and fauna and take part in a number of activities that make a vacation complete.

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