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Visit Indonesia On a Budget!

These days? Too many vacations are over-the-top expensive. Just one week away can drain your bank account in no time flat. The worst part? About halfway through your trip…you start to worry about expenses. Every time you go to a restaurant or think about visiting an attraction, you think about your credit card bill. How long you will be paying for the vacation after you return home. Getting back to reality. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of effective ways to save on a vacation. These tips will help you visit Indonesia on a budget.


Look Around To Save Money On Your Hotel. Saving money is on your mind. There is nothing wrong with that. It simply means that now is the time to get creative. Perhaps the most effective way to stick to a modest travel budget is to consider your accommodations. You do not need to stay at the most luxurious hotel ever. (Even though the Quest Hotel Semarang is a fabulous choice.) It is possible to save money on your hotel room. Just shop around! You can find many cheap hotel deals online. Discount websites offer reduced rates on accommodations in Indonesia. Or you can go one step further and look for discount codes or seasonal room sales. Either way? Saving money on your hotel room is not only possible. It is essential.

Think Carefully About Taking Organized Tours. There might be specific places you are eager to explore. Like to Bali or Lombok or one of the many mountainous regions. Sometimes? It is a good idea to take a guided tour rather than try to see a bunch of different places individually. This can help you save an awful lot of money on transportation. Not to mention make it easier to get from point A to point B. Look into any available tours. Then determine whether or not it is worthwhile to go it alone or join a group. A bit of extra thought? Well it might help you see more and make it possible to stick to your travel budget.


Put Serious Thought Into The City You Will Visit. Another way to visit Indonesia on a budget? Be flexible. This is a massive – and beautiful – country. That means there is an awful lot to discover. So be open to different cities, towns, and villages. You don’t necessarily have to go to Bali or Jakarta. The other cities in Indonesia have just as much charm to offer. Plus there are stunning views and attractions local to the area. See where you can find the best deals. Take a look at airfare, transportation, and attraction fees. Then go from there. Before long? You will find an Indonesian city that works with your budget – and will make you feel inspired.


Saving money on vacation is possible. All it takes is a little know how. Oh and these ultra effective travel tips. Whether you have a massive budget or one that is a little more modest…. you can make it work. Without missing out. Indonesia is one travel destination to add to your must visit list.

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