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Ultimate Places to Visit on a Trip to Iceland

The only true way to describe Iceland is by calling it a realm of stark contrasts. This is a place filled with striking landscapes, where molten lava erupts from ice, and rivers snake through deserts. It is a territory where natural elements dance between primordial poles of frost and fire, during summers where the sun never sets, and winters filled with endless nights.

The multiple facets of Iceland

It is a country filled with so many different landscapes and interesting attractions. This can make it difficult for you to choose where to go and what to do on your school trips to Iceland. But this need not appear an insurmountable task as you can always choose to take your students to the following places.

Perlan—Wonders of Iceland

Geothermal marvels, glaciers, and volcanoes come alive here through the use of ground-breaking science and cutting-edge technology. Students have an opportunity to live, feel, and see all the natural wonders in Iceland from a single location.

The Ice Cave and Glaciers exhibition is also included in this exhibition of nature’s wonders. Perlan’s fourth floor has an observation deck encircling the dome, and which helps to provide a three hundred and sixty-degree view of the area around it.

UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Centre

The Reykjanes Peninsula was named one of the UNESCO Global Geoparks. Here, geology students will benefit from a thirty-minute presentation about the Geopark and also get a chance to visit its Visitor Centre. The Centre has an exhibition showcasing the Reykjanes Peninsula’s unique geology.

Blue Lagoon

It is a great place to visit for learners who want to witness as well as experience the effects associated with geothermal activities. Your students can also take a soak in the Blue Lagoon’s water that has a steamy temperature of close to 40°c.

The water in the lagoon comes for a geothermal plant located close to it. The water is rich in sulphur and silica and is renowned for its potent healing properties.

South Shore Adventure Day

Schedule a visit to the two hundred feet high Skogafoss waterfall. From here, head over to the Seljalandfoss waterfall to compare and contrast the formations present in the two waterfalls.

Get to study the wave characteristics, coastal processes, and basalt-columned cliffs located along the Dyrholaey coast. This is a great opportunity for geography students to explore and study the black volcanic beaches along the coastline.

Explore the Westman Islands

This is one of the most active volcanic areas in Iceland. For instance, these islands came about due to submarine volcanic eruptions.

Volcano Eldfell started erupting in January 1973 leading to the formation of a seven-hundred-foot high mountain. Students can today take ferry rides to see puffins in their natural habitats and also explore the features of one of the largest islands in the region.

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