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Top 20 Reasons To Visit Rio de Janeiro

7. Pedra Bonita

For those going by car, there is a small queue to climb to the parking lot. The path can also be done on foot. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the top. From there, you can see the West, much of the South Zone, the Tijuca Forest, and the Pedra da Gávea. If you feel adventurous while on the island, you can try the incredible and unforgettable experience of flying a hang glider! It offers breathtaking views of the ocean, forest, mountains, and leave you with one of the most vivid impressions of Brazil while soaring over the incredible scenery. At the foot of the mountain, there are companies that provides services for hang-gliding. The cost of the flight includes videos and photos.

Reasons to Visit Rio de Janeiro

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Rio travel guide

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