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Top 20 Places To See The Northern Lights

The northern lights are nature’s ultimate phenomenon which we also know as the Aurora Borealis, an occurrence that according to legend happens when dawn meets wind. In Roman and Greek mythology, the goddess of dawn is known as Aurora, while the god of wind is Borealis, and when the two meet, the skies light up with a kaleidoscope of various electrifying colors opening up their magical vistas. Some colors to be seen in these Northern Lights are purple, green, yellow and red with streaks that seem to dance all over the skies of the arctic. This natural phenomenon has struck a chord with travelers that visit the arctic countries specially to view it, apart from enjoying husky rides on sledges and snow sports. If you have a bucket list of things to do before you die, do visit these 20 places to see the auroral lights in all their glory. Come, take a look!


Where can you see the Northern Lights? If you are new to this phenomenon, here is the first destination that’s coming right up. Among the places to see the Northern Lights, Finland can be counted as number one as the country is dotted with places like Luosto, Ivalo and Nellim, that are havens for watching this amazing natural phenomenon. Luosto, located in the northern part of Finland is the best place to see these lights as there are many cool hotels and travel companies that organize special packages for this purpose. The best time to visit Finland to view these lights is a cold night with a clear sky when these dazzling lights appear and seem to play a symphony of colors that look astounding to the eyes.

Best Place To See Northern Lights

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