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Top 18 Colorful Cities In The World

Here is a list containing the top 18 cities in this planet that are genuinely colorful and vibrant , invoking passion and zest for living a life that is full of vigor and madness. Our planet houses some very beautiful and vibrant cities that on one look, would enliven your senses since these places do not simply consist of pretty lanes or by lanes, but are unique from various angles. Do read below to find out more:

1. Jaipur, India

Among the top 18 colorful cities, the city of Jaipur in India is probably going to sway you away with its pink colored buildings and shops that are a visual delight. Legend has it that in order to welcome the Prince of Wales, the King of Jaipur got the entire city dyed in pink and the rest as they say is history! One will get mesmerized seeing the pink hues present everywhere.

World's Most Colorful Cities

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