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Top 15 Amazing Rooftop pools Around The World

15. Thompson Toronto Hotel, Toronto

With an extravagant rooftop pool and a plush decor, the Thompson offers guests some cool amenities that are of high standards. The most talked about feature in the hotel is the terrace pool that steals all the limelight since it looks stunning with shimmering water and an astonishing view of the city down under. Most would have a heart attack when taking a dive in the pool here since it appears to be just too close to the edge!

World's Best Rooftop Pools

Image credit: kiwicollection

The above list contains the top 15 rooftop pools around the globe that are frequented by travelers every year. Rooftop pools are a luxurious phenomenon to have occurred in the recent times- times that need much more than just laying lazily near some old styled boring pools. There are many differently styled terrace pools all over the world, each boasting of a particular feature or features to be offered to the guests. Rooftop pools are a perfect place to have a party or simply to spend some quality time with loved ones, a time that draws you away from the routine of daily life.

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