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Top 15 Amazing Rooftop pools Around The World

Its that time of the year when the mighty sun would soon start playing havoc with your bodies and you would wish you had some place where you could just soak yourselves in the cool waters while sipping on your favorite cocktails. Why are you still fretting over this issue when you can easily pack your bags and head off to any one of the exotic hotels with rooftop pools that are customized and offer everything you could possibly imagine! Come take a look at the top 15 rooftop pools all over the world that are visited by millions of guests each year:

1. Ubud Hotel, Payangan, Bali

Ever wished you could swim amidst lush green jungles hearing the sweet cacophony of birds and insects? If this has always been your dream, here is presenting before you the famed Ubud Hotel at Payangan, Bali that houses one of the most spectacular rooftop pools in the world. The hotel is nestled in the middle of the Balinese forest and boasts of Eco friendly decor that looks exotic and elegant. Guests come here to breathe in the fresh air full of hope and peace.

World's Best Rooftop Pools

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