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Top 15 Things To See And Do In Mauritius

15. Mauritian crafts

Obviously no one leaves an island like this without taking some souvenirs home to remember the trip or for their friends and relatives, which is why a must do is visit the Crafts Market, where you can purchase a lot of things such as jewelry, clothes and decorations all of them handmade with local supplies such as corals, sea shells or bamboo. Also the locals are very friendly and will even teach you how to make some of them.

Things to see and do in Mauritius

Image Credit: mauritius-tourist-guide

Mauritius Island is for sure a heavenly place where everyone can find a little something to enjoy. With beautiful beaches, mountains and waterfalls, rich vegetation, warm-hearted people, good food and beautiful buildings full of history, Mauritius is a must-see, atleast once in a lifetime. Here you can learn about their wonderful and rich history, see new animals and plants, enjoy the breath-taking sights, taste some of the most delicious foods on earth, talk and party with the most warm-hearted people, while tasting their exquisite drinks. Make sure you check all these points when you visit for a complete unforgettable experience of this beautiful place.

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