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Top 15 Things To See And Do In Mauritius

Mauritius or how they officially call it, The Republic of Mauritius is a heavenly volcanic island located in the southeast of the Indian Ocean on the coast of the African continent. The island has many lagoons and palm beaches, and most of the coastline is surrounded by coral reefs. The Mauritius Island is famous worldwide for the beautiful landscapes, great economy, rich cultural heritage and tolerance of the warm-hearted locals that live in harmony regardless of the religious and ethnic differences. The breath-taking landscapes, unique tradition and kind people along with many fun activities are what make tourists want to come back again to visit this place. Here is the list with the top 15 things to see and do in Mauritius.

1. Ile aux Cerfs

If you are looking for the ultimate beach experience, you will be amazed by the beauty of the Mauritius Island. Ile aux Cerfs is that place that everyone has in mind when they think about a beach; the water in the most beautiful shade of blue, crystal clear, the sand is white and of course as the perfect beach everyone pictures, there are a lot of palm trees to complete the gorgeous landscape. You can go for a swim, tan in the sun or sit and relax with a drink under an umbrella.

Mauritius Attractions

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