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Top 15 Things To Do In Auckland

Auckland is the New Zealand’s largest city and is famous for the many things you can do there, from sightseeing to dining to many more. Auckland has a population of around 1.5 million people and is also the largest Polynesian city in the world with lots of things to enjoy like beautiful beaches, long and adventurous hiking trails and enchanting holiday islands. There are plenty of things to do in Auckland to make you occupied and you will never get bored at least for a single minute if you know the right things to do, when you are there. Out of the many, here are the top 15 things you can do on your next trip to Auckland.

1. Step in to Spookers

If you are up for some horror based adventure on your holiday you can visit the number one haunted park in the northern hemisphere of the earth which is the Spookers park.This is the best scream park you can find in the Auckland city and includes a haunted house filled with scary ghosts and monsters, a very confusing and amazing maze, Disturbia and the forest filled with horror which is called the Freaky forest. Also there is the Cornevil which will give you a terrifying ghost and horror experience filled with heart pounding horror enough for a lifetime in darkness.

things to do in Auckland

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