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How to Plan a Fun and Exciting Road Trip

There is nothing like the fun of a good old-fashioned road trip. Unlike flying to your destination, traveling by car allows you to truly see the country. You will experience the changing views out your window, find unusual and quirky tourist hot spots, and be able to enjoy a slower pace than you may be accustomed to when traveling. Chances are you have never taken one of these unique journeys which means you may not know where to begin with planning. Use the following information for a hassle-free road trip you’ll never forget.

Prepare the Vehicle

Your first step in planning a road trip is to choose a roadworthy vehicle. This can be your personal car or a rental as long as it is big enough for your entire group and their belongings. Trying to squeeze everyone into a tight space for hours of driving won’t be any fun.

If taking a personal vehicle, make sure it’s been recently inspected by a mechanic and that the tires are in good shape. The oil shouldn’t be overdue for a change and if it is, get it changed before leaving.

Furthermore, check whether or not the tags on the license plates are current. If they aren’t, get them renewed. It’s also time to double check to ensure the insurance hasn’t expired. If it has, renew before leaving town. You may also want to consider a membership to a roadside assistance club that can come to your rescue if you do encounter any problems along the way. Visit and find a policy which includes both liability coverage and roadside assistance.

Gathering Necessities

Planning a road trip takes a little more thought than simply catching a flight. Make the long hours of driving comfortable by bringing along throw blankets and travel pillows for the passengers, and a playlist of your favorite music can help pass the time.

Most of the travel information you need is found on your phone, but if you want a truly nostalgic experience, bring along traditional maps and brochures. Maps are a fun way to track your progress, and brochures help you discover sights and activities that you may otherwise overlook.

Before leaving home you need to book a hotel for each night of the trip. Calculate how many miles you can reasonably travel each day, and this will give you a pretty good guess as to what city or town you will be at each evening.

Take Your Time

Once you hit the road, you will need to remember that road trips are not a race to your destination. Instead, look at it as an adventure. If you come across an overlook, attraction, or gift shop that catches your eye, stop to explore. This is the reason why road trips are so appealing. Don’t rush past welcome centers either. They often have information on the state, walking paths, and fun photo ops.

A wonderful way to see the country up close, and also break up the long hours spent in the car, is to have a picnic lunch each day. Filling up and stretching your legs will leave you feeling refreshed. Choose parks, rest stops, or other points of interest for this. Best of all, bringing food from home will keep your budget on track.

Once you have your vehicle ready to go and have gathered everything you’ll need to take along, you’ll be ready to hit the road. Don’t forget to take your time and experience what your travel regions of choice have to offer. After all, it will be the amazing discoveries you make along the way that will become the memories that last a lifetime.

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