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15 Best Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Have

Do you like traveling? Is there any place you want to go? You don’t have to do internet search every time you answer these questions if you have best travel apps installed on your phone. Our planet is full of amazing places that you may have not even heard of. Traveling apps can come very handy while traveling to unexplored, unheard and unseen places.

The rapid development of technology has caused rapid inventions of better applications in our androids and iPhones. If you are adventurous and want positive changes in your life by experiencing various challenges and obstacles of traveling, then here are 15 best travel apps which are fun and available for android and iPhones:

1. Google Translate

It is certainly not possible for a traveler to learn all the languages from all over the world. So, to erase such burden, an application named Google Translate is very helpful. We can anytime ask for food and directions to the natives of a place in their own mother tongue with the help of this application. This travel app supports 58 languages to translate and hear 23 foreign phrases.

Google Translate

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