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The Best Reasons to Have a Home in the North Carolina Mountains

Some of the finest land in America is hidden away in the beautiful, but often overlooked, mountains of the Carolinas. If the thought of North Carolina brings to mind sandy coastlands or the hot and sultry city of Charlotte, then you’ll be pleased to learn that there are other parts of North Carolina which offer true four-season living and plenty of great perks. Here are just a few examples to consider.


Unlike many places in the South, the climate in the mountains here is cool in the summers, when the average temperature for the season is just 68 degrees Fahrenheit (and days rarely go above 85 degrees). Combine that with the pleasant temperatures with low humidity and lots of sunshine and you have a perfect summer retreat.

In winter, things are still mild. Temperatures average right at 32 degrees, and there is just enough snow to be beautiful. In spring the land explodes in lush new growth, particularly mountain laurel. The autumn is a riot of colors that rivals anything New England has to offer.


If you have any love for the great outdoors, the mountains are a wonderful place to indulge it. There are hiking, fishing, and boating opportunities everywhere, and the only question is which trail or lake you’d like to visit on any given day. If you prefer golfing, some of the best golf clubs are tucked away in this area.

If antiquing, bluegrass music, or art galleries are more your thing, this area is the perfect place for those activities as well. Stop in Dillsboro (or even go there by train) to shop for arts and crafts, or visit Cashiers and take in the gardens and boutiques.

Long history

Ashe County, North Carolina sits right on the borders of Tennessee and Virginia. There’s a reason that George W. Vanderbilt chose this area to build his still-famous Biltmore Estate. Deeper in the mountains you’ll find what is today the Canaan Land Retreat. This camp still uses the old Cold Mountain Lodge, built by Edward Baccus in 1901, and a construction project that helped to turn the area into the “Switzerland of America.”

Over the years, the area has played host to vacationing members of the Ford, Firestone, Vanderbilt, Wanamaker, and Edison dynasties. They all wanted land in this area, and there are still great reasons to seek out land for sale in North Carolina.

Ideal locations

These days, some of the country’s fastest-growing cities are within a short drive of these beautiful mountains, with all the perks that thriving cities have. Living in these mountains, you’ll still have easy access to vital downtown areas, fine dining, museums and concerts, nightlife, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

Ashville, North Carolina is one of the top 100 places to live in the United States, with preserved historic architecture amid a revival of arts and culture and one of America’s best foodie scenes. Alternatively, Greenville has a thriving downtown, amazing nightlife, and some of the country’s finest art museums and collections.

In North Carolina, you’re never far from Tennessee, and Knoxville is another booming southern city where you can spend a day or weekend enjoying the best things that life has to offer. There’s a vibrant music scene, plenty of art museums to take in, lots of history, fine dining, and regular concerts you’re sure to enjoy no matter what type of music you prefer.

There aren’t a lot of spots which could be called perfect places to live, but the mountains of North Carolina just might be one of them. With a home in the mountains, you can revel in all the glory of nature while never being far from the finer things in life, all while taking in some of the best food, culture, and climate that America has to offer.

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