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A banner year for Greek tourism in 2018?

Since the 1950’s, Greece has always been a privilieged destination for tourists all around the globe looking for wester civilisation treasures and antiquities. But since the crisis, the country has experienced a very poor touristic activity obviously not helping to get out of the state’s financial difficulties. Hopefully, 2018 will be different.

Landscapes and gastronomy

Who never dreamed of visiting a country where the mild Mediterranean climate prevail with a 300 days of year-round sunshine, where the gastonomy is exceptionnal, where the landscapes are amazing and where you can find old civilisation treasures at each street corner?

Greece has always been such a destination. No wonder it has always brought so many tourists. Sadly the crisis has put a shadow on these riches these pas few years. But let’s be honest, a crisis cannot do as much harm as an old civilisation can bring so much wealth.

Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, but alos smaller Greek destinations like Lesvos and Samos, Kavala, the island of Kos or else the Ionian islands… So many different lascapes that are worth discovering. Unlike many countries, Greece has no place that is not worth a look.

And that is without counting the country’s amazing and healthy Mediterranean gastronomy and growing wine industry attracting gourmands and oenophiles from all around the globe. Food and wine have indeed taken over the center stage of most trip planning in Greece.

To such an extend that Geece is experienceing a new wave of chefs springing up, using premium quality ingredients with a creative imagination for fusion and blending in influences from France and Italy.

Casinos: a new attraction ?

The thing is that since the crisis, many places in Greece push tourists to use cash money than credit cards, sometimes even declining these last. Consequently or not, Greek government is working on a new measure to allow more casinos in major touristic destinations.

“Oh, look, there are slots near me ! And I have so much cash on me, why not give it a try ?” This is propbably what government is thinking by legalising more and more casinos in the country. Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos will be the three first places to be affected by this bill. It could even give birth to entire integrated casino resorts.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, 2017 will go down as a record year with international arrivals expecting to outpace 2016’s 28 million visitors with an influx 30 million entries. With the new bill added to all Greek riches, let’s now expect a banner year for the country’s tourism in 2018.

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