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60 Most Spectacular Sights in Europe [Part 2]

Europe is that one place on Earth that has everything. Here you get to discover places that are old, new, magical, ancient, modern, sophisticated, wild and calm. You will certainly not run out of spectacular sights to see in Europe. So if you have not been to any of the European countries yet, then perhaps it’s about time that you seriously consider booking a trip to one of the most beautiful European countries. And in order to be guided on which places you should visit, here is part 2 of the list of the 60 most spectacular sights in Europe. Here is the part 1 of this post in case you missed it.

21. Pena National Palace, Portugal

The Pena National Palace is one of the most famous attractions in Europe. This beautiful palace sits on top of a hill in the town of Sintra. On any clear day, the palace is visible from Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city. The Pena National Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is also hailed as one of the seven wonders of Portugal. In some instances, the palace is being used as a venue for certain state occasions organized by the country’s President as well as other government officials. The exterior of the palace is certainly a sight to behold, which combines the Neo-Gothic, Neo-Islamic and Neo-Renaissance architecture.

seven wonders of Portugal

Image Credit: World For Travel

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