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25 Most Romantic Hotels In The World

4. Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf and Casino Resort, Punta Cana

Romantic doesn’t necessarily mean a hotel has to be a high end with roof touching prices. A hotel can be cheap but still offer you an intimate ambiance coupled with most modern amenities. If you are not wanting to spend huge on your hotel stay, but wish to give your wife or lover a romantic time, book a stay at Catalonia Bavaro Beach Golf and Casino Resort, Punta Cana. Cheap romantic getaways like this golf and casino resort are hard to find and can be regarded as a gem hidden away from limelight. The resort is an all inclusive one, offering you many affordable packages with amazing food and services. It can be counted as one of the best romantic hotels in the world because of its island setting as well. The coastline is dotted with palm trees, bars and restaurants, ready to entertain you.

Cheap Romantic Getaways

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