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25 Most Romantic Hotels In The World

2. Calistoga Ranch, California

Calistoga Ranch definitely has to feature in this post that’s covering the best of the most romantic hotels in the world because its here that you can have all the comforts that are worthy of a king. Yes, you can enjoy a thrilling hike of a lifetime and expect to be pampered with a hot massage or mud bath to soothe your body. Its located in lush green locales of California and enthralls its visitors with its stylish interiors and smart services. The hot mineral springs here are the main attraction for most couples that wish to spend some intimate times with each other. The cuisine offered is world class, specially the caramelized figs that will give your taste buds a life changing lift! Its one of the most romantic hotels, not just in the USA, but also in the world.

Romantic Hotels In The World

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