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25 Most Romantic Hotels In The World

The most romantic hotels in the world are those that leave you awestruck, dumbfounded and make you believe that you are a divine being that deserves the right of enjoying the pampering offered by these celestial getaways! Finding that one romantic hotel that matches your expectations needs a certain alchemy, a creation that surpasses your expectations of getting overwhelmed with various physical comforts and luxuries. But, once you find that there exists not a few, but many of these romantic getaways in the world, your happiness knows no bounds. Here’s a post that is listing down the 25 most romantic hotels in the world.

1. Cima Rosa Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Coming first in this list of 25 most romantic hotels in the world is the stylish Cima Rosa Boutique Bed and Breakfast, a hotel that will take your breath away with its 15th century Venetian architecture and mind blowing services. Its originally a Palazzo that now services guests as a guesthouse, offering five rooms in total. The antique furnishings inside the hotel will make you go weak in your knees as its been done up by an architect of well repute. If you want to take that hot sip from your mug of coffee, while watching the calm beauty of the Grand Canal, book yourself and your partner a stay in one of the lovely rooms at this hotel!

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