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25 Best Vacation Spots In US

With a number of fifty states and a great many landmarks it often becomes difficult to choose between the best travel destinations in the US. However there is one thing which holds true for the Land of the Free and that there is something for just about every individual to enjoy in the United States. Whether you are the sort of person who admires romantic getaways or are into adventure sports like rock climbing the following are the 25 best vacation spots in US which simply can’t be missed!

1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular US travel destination. It is a naturally formed geologically landscape. It is said to have been carved by the Colorado River beginning some 5 million to 6 million years ago. It was preserved on the insistence of President Roosevelt, an avid huntsman and a lover of the great outdoors. Its scenic beauty and breathtaking land marks will certainly leave you in awe. The Grand Canyon is definitely not a US vacation destination to be missed.

The Grand Canyon

Image Credit: travelet

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