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25 Best Restaurants In The World With A View

25. El Farallón – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The fabulous El Farallón Restaurant at Cabo, the luxury beach destination of Mexico, lies just near the cliff of San Lucas and offers mind blowing views of the rocky terrain and the vast ocean as you sit comfortably on the chairs arranged under the open sky. The beautiful Pedregal Resort houses this amazing restaurant that is famous for its champagne bar that offers a wide range of wines and other beverages.

Amazing Restaurants,

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Eating at any one of these places that are touted as the best restaurants in the world, makes you wonder if you are really on top of this world. With gourmet cuisines, awesome services, exotic decors and beautiful panoramic views on offer, these restaurants are worth your visit. Some of these restaurants with a view would enable you to appreciate an old town’s silhouette in glittering lights while others would make you fall in love with the ever rolling greenery of tropical lands that come before your eyes. Your tummies may get full but your hearts will never when you dine at such restaurants!

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