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25 Best Places In Italy You Should Visit

With a kaleidoscope of enchanting scenic landscapes dotted with pristine lakes, mountain peaks covered with snow, cities and towns that bear testimony to a rich historical past, gorgeous cathedrals and charming villas to cute pizzerias and cafes that sell mouth watering pizzas and chocolates, Italy, the nation that resembles a boot on the world map is an ultimate traveler’s paradise. Lets take a look at the top 25 best places in Italy that range from scenic hamlets, museums, cities, lakes, monuments and fashionable streets. Visiting these places will definitely make you say it clear and loud – Italia e Bella, or Italy is beautiful!

1. Isola di Burano

Whats that one striking feature that looks attractive in Isola di Burano? Well, you guessed right my friends! Its the brightly painted houses here that catch your attention the moment you visit this beautiful island town. The town is nestled on the island Isola di Burano located in a lagoon and is world famous for its colorful rows of houses that can be seen from a long distance in the sea. Of all the houses, the most famous house is called “la Casa di Bepi Sua”. Its colorful and its facade resembles many a different shapes of geometry.

Best Places In Italy

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