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22 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Dotted with some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, Asia is the most desirable continent to spend your honeymoon days. On searching through many websites, you would spot almost every site listing honeymoon destinations in Asia first and then proceed onto others. Why, you may ask? Well, Asian destinations are not merely endowed with exotic scenic beauty, but are also cheaper and suit every budget. So, if you wish to have the time of your life and want to gift some exotic moments to your other half, visit any one of these amazing honeymoon destinations.

1. Ko Lanta, Thailand

Counted among the best honeymoon destinations in Asia, Ko Lanta features first in this list of Asia’s coolest honeymoon destinations because it is bejeweled with an untamed beach that is a Mecca for newly weds. With a pristine environment, clear azure waters and amazing sunsets, Ko Lanta is located in Krabi, Thailand. You can do scuba diving, snorkeling or just laze around on the sandy beach, romancing your sweetheart!

Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

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