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21 Top Tourist Attractions In Chile

With more than 2,672 miles of beautiful coastline, the South American country Chile is counted as the longest nation in the whole wide world. The country is sandwiched by the Andes Mountains on one side, while being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean from the other. Famous for its wild landscapes, beautiful deserts, gorgeous fjords and shimmering glaciers, Chile is a touristic place. Lets take a look at the top 21 attractions in Chile to blow your minds!

1. Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

What would you do if you got a chance to view many colonies of penguins under one big roof? You would make a beeline towards Los Pinguinos Natural Monument, located in southern part of Chile on an island called Magdalena where over 1,20,000 penguins breed and live in the most natural surroundings. The island has a lighthouse to offer panoramic views of the ocean and is famous for its penguins that gather here during the month of October for nesting.

Attractions In Chile

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