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Top 20 Largest Shopping Malls in the World

These days, more and more consumers are finding it convenient to shop at shopping malls instead of their usual neighborhood market store. It is for this reason why you will now find several shopping malls and gigantic department stores being developed all over the globe. Each of these malls are complete with all the shopping facilities that give convenience and entertainment to any kind of shopper, from the biggest aquarium, shopping rink, gigantic movie theaters, world class restaurants, indoor parks and museums, and many more. So here is a list of the 20 largest shopping malls all over the world.

1. New South China Mall, China

The New South China Mall is said to be the largest mall in the world when it comes to the gross leasable area. The mall ranked second to the Dubai Mall in terms of the total mall area. Yet, this mall is still largely vacant. The mall is situated in Dongguan, China, right in the southern portion of the Guangdong province east portion of Guangzhou.

largest mall in the world

Image Credit: Uniworldnews

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