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20 Best Nude Beaches Around The World

Do you like to roam nude on a beach and get a full body tan? If yes, look below as we list down the 20 best nude beaches in the world that will make your jaws drop, not because you can roam your eyes to spot couples spending intimate moments, lazing around under the sun, but because these beaches are considered the best in the globe and offer just about everything to make your holiday perfect, i.e., the sun, the sea, the sand and numerous sports activities to get you moving!

1. Le Grottes Plage, Costa Azul, France

Among popular nude beaches in the globe, Le Grottes Plage is definitely worth a visit. When here, you can either roam nude or with clothes as you like! Dotted with restaurants, this beach is a beach lover’s paradise.

Best Nude Beaches

Image Credit: staticflickr

Best Nude Beaches

Image Credit: theurbanlist

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