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20 Best Caribbean Beaches For You To Visit

The Caribbean Beaches are definitely the closest thing to paradise on earth. If you want quiet, beautiful scenery, warm, clear water, fine sand in white or pink, ideal tropical weather, spectacular sunsets, visible coral reefs a few meters from the shore, and excellent beach infrastructure this is your ideal destination. With such a large number of beaches dotted along the Caribbean islands, it is quite tough to choose which among the numerous beaches deserves to be visited because every island has their own distinct quality. The best way is to determine what beach fits your lifestyle and passion. To help you arrive at a good decision, the following list briefly describes the 20 best Caribbean beaches to spend your next vacation with friends or family.

1. Flamenco Beach (Playa Flamenco)

The Flamenco Beach, is located on the Island of Snakes (Culebra) in Puerto Rico. The way to get there is from the port of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, on board a mini cruise. Arriving to the island of Snakes will give you a feeling that you are in a small village surrounded by water. Overall, the island of Culebra has an air of peace and magic that inspires a moment to contemplate and relax. Undoubtedly, it is a must-see place to enjoy a perfect holiday in the Caribbean.

Flamenco Beach

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