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18 Most Amazing Royal Palaces in the World

Do you ever wonder where all the kings and queens lived? Yes, a palace! The unfathomable wonder of a regular citizen of this world will always marvel at the thought of seeing a palace, let alone live in one. A palace is a royal residence of high-rank dignitaries, leaders of a monarchy, a pope and other leaders of the church. Many palaces nowadays are not at all royal residences to these people but are treated as one of each country’s historical places; a tourist attraction that no tourist should let pass. These royal palaces are one of the best places to visit when on a vacation and see all of them, first hand. These palaces will not only hit you with their most awesome grandeur but it will also tell you their deepest secrets at how each one were made. Below is the list of the 18 most amazing royal palaces in the world.

1. Louvre Palace

The Louvre Palace is located in Paris, France and it has been the most visited tourist destination of central Paris since the late 12th century. It used to be where François I and Sun King, Louis XIV used to live, simultaneously. Louvre measures at 210,000 square meters and is known to be the largest palace in the world by area. It has been a Royal residence of the kings of France for 300 years and to this day was transformed into a modern day museum.

Royal Palaces Around The World

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