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18 Best Places To Visit In Greece

Greece has always been among the most visited places in Europe and the first choice of many people for the ideal vacation, and this does not come as a surprise, regarding the many touristic attractions of this country. Known for its kind people, delicious cuisine, strong religious beliefs and rich history, this country seems to have been blessed by the ancient Greek gods with a wonderful variety of landscapes, all mending perfectly together to create an unforgettable sight. From history to heritage, from beautiful mountain to sunny beaches, from traditional cuisine to religious beliefs, from rich nightlife to cultural experiences, Greece seems to have a little something to make everyone feel like they are visiting a little corner of heaven. If you plan to visit this wonderful place, here is a list with the top 18 best places to visit when in Greece:

1. Athens

Athens is most definitely a must for every person that wants to see Greece and really understand what this country is all about. Athens is a very important historical site for it is here where the democracy was born and also the cradle of modern civilization. Besides the rich history of this wonderful city, and its many archeological sites, the views are unforgettable. The city is more than 3000 years old, and all the old and the modern elements seem to fit perfectly together.

Best Places To Visit

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