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Top 15 Most Famous Landmarks in the World

There are many countries with many landmarks and the landmarks simply resemble what the countries are and what they have to offer and there are situations where certain countries are popular only because of the landmarks they have. Landmarks are sometimes for beauty, sometimes they add mystery and many of the times they lure millions of visitors each day to give something wonderful to remember, to add to their memories. Around the world, we can observe that there are many landmarks which are sometimes important aspects of a country’s history, beauty, significant event, a part of some culture or for any special reason. Here are the 15 most famous landmarks in the world.

1. Statue of Liberty, New York

Situated in New York, this statue is the world recognized symbol of peace. This sculpture made out of Copper with a height of 151m was a gift from France to the United States and each year more than 3 million visitors come to admire this landmark. This is considered as the symbol of New York.

World's Most Popular Landmarks


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