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Top 15 Best Places To Visit In Venezuela

15. Fortin de la Galera

This historic site has a very nice view of the bay of Juan Griego in all its dimensions. You can witness a spectacular sunset, tour around the fort, and view the small but idyllic bay of the Playa Caribe. You can also take some beautiful photos while posing with the old cannons and the huge flag of Venezuela at its observation deck. This place is included in the compulsory program of places to visit during a tour of the island of Margarita.

Fortin de la Galera

Image Credit: wikimedia

The farthest island in South America, Venezuela is an ideal vacation spot where you can see and understand the emblematic places of history. The best thing is the fine atmosphere, which make the tour enjoyable for people to have fun. Planning your next getaway? Venezuela is a great option to enjoy with the family and an excellent choice in the land of the sun.

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