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Top 15 Best Places To Visit In Venezuela

As a result of the wide range of choices accessible to explorers of Venezuela, you’re certain to discover something to fulfill your every travel needs and holiday expectations. Whether you’re searching for a hiking adventure or plan to spend a day at the beach or explore old churches, you are likely to discover many things to do and interesting places to visit while on tour of the amazing Venezuela.

These are the 15 best places to visit when in the marvelous islands of Venezuela.

1. Teleferico

Be sure to take a ride on the Teleferico, it’s inexpensive, unusual, and interesting. It has an amazing view of the city and the best way to connect with nature. The cable car is very well maintained and offers a breathtaking view of the city while passing over the dense vegetation of Avila. To achieve its summit, where you are going to find some fresh air, walk between the chalets that sell typical Venezuelan treats (dulce de leche, preserved guava jams, tamarind, and fresas con crema) and take a jeep that makes its journey to Galipan, a small village located in Avila where you can enjoy eating a “sandwich pernil” while seeing what other shops and small businesses have to offer. Do not miss it out!


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