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15 Best Diving Destinations in the World

Diving is fun and exciting. But if you are tired of your usual diving spot, then it’s time to discover some of the world’s best diving destinations. Diving on these sites will make you realize that there are indeed a lot of things to discover in the world of diving. Whether it is sunken ships, majestic coral reefs, vibrantly colored fishes, great white sharks and sea turtles, there are certainly so many things out there that are waiting for you to discover. So refer below for the list of 15 of the best diving destinations in the world.

1. Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is not only famous for surfing for this beautiful island in the United States is also a popular diving spot. Here, divers get to discover some of the nature’s most amazing wonders. Several manta rays will glide past in the darkness and some of these even have 16 feet wingspans. You also get to discover hundreds and even thousands of colorful fishes inhaling the plankton. These are just some of the beautiful underwater sites that you will discover when diving in Hawaii.

natures most amazing wonders

Image Credit: Hawaii Scuba Vacation

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