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15 Best Beaches In The World For 2015

15. Papohaku Beach, Molokai

This is one of the top beaches, the perfect beach you have always dreamed off, the perfect getaway place, no noise, no crowds, no traffic, just the white sand, blue water and clear skies for as long as the eye can see. Here you can also develop all sort of activities like body surfing, swimming, surfing and many others.

Most Beautiful Beaches

Image Credit: 10bestmedia

Most Beautiful Beaches

Image Credit: pursuitist

Whichever of these ones you choose, you are bound to have the time of your life, with these landscapes that please the eye and relax the mind. There is nothing more pleasant than to sit on a beach and watch the sea, feel the calm and the positive vibration while sunbathing. There you have it, the list with the top 15 best beaches in the world, remember to check out all of these places before deciding where do you want to spend your vacation.

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